Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Phi at American University

Chapter Officers

Fiona Steiwer


  • Major: Anthropology
  • Second Major: International Relations
  • Hometown: Beaverton, OR
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: Welcoming my Little, Hannah, to our fam with my Big, Anna, and G-Big, Suzanna, last Spring!
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Madison Calkins

Chapter Life VP

  • Major: International Relations
  • Minors: International Business & Spanish
  • Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: Hiking through trails around the Potomac River with my sisters during the first Alpha Xi retreat I attended!
  • Email:

Jenny Mills

Communications VP

  • Major: Public Relations
  • Minors: Graphic Design & Marketing
  • Hometown: Long Island, NY
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: I think my favorite memory was watching my big Isabel MC all of our philanthropy events on the quad!
  • Email:

Deedee Belson

Finance and Operations

  • Major: Economics
  • Second Major: Computer Science
  • Hometown: Bethesda, MD
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: The entire week of big/little! Getting so many gifts and the anticipation of waiting to see who was my big was so much fun!
  • Email:

Chavonne Kouser

Membership VP

  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: Trying to teach my sisters Cat and Claudia how to ice skate while abroad in London!
  • Email:

Meghan Murphy

Member Development

Rachel Geisel

Philanthropy VP

  • Major: Public Health
  • Minor: Creative Writing
  • Hometown: Arlington, VA
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: My favorite Alpha Xi memory is big little. I pretty much knew that my big was going to be Isabella & we became such fast friends. The moment when the sheet fell & I could run to her was so exciting & really made me feel like I belong in Alpha Xi!
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Isabella Menna

Panhellenic Delegate

  • Major: CLEG (Communications, Law, Economics, Government)
  • Minor: Education Studies
  • Hometown: Rochester, NY
  • Fave Alpha Xi Memory: One of my favorite Alpha Xi memory is going to a sisterhood movie night on campus. We all came in our pajamas, ate snacks, and caught up with sisters we do not normally see. It was a great chance to take a break from the stress of AU!
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