Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Phi at American University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Do you want to realize your potential? More importantly, are you ready to? Every sister in Alpha Xi has been asked these questions, and they have all had the same answers. Yes. 

Being in Alpha Xi Delta is more than movie nights and retreats. It's more than Chef Geoff's with sisters. It's more than dances and bowling and Christmas parties. True, we do all those things, but Alpha Xi Delta is more than the fun memories. It is growing - in courage, graciousness, and peace. 

The sisters of Alpha Xi constantly challenge me to realize my potential. Whether that's lifting me up when I'm down or encouraging me to apply for my dream internship. They remind me everyday there is nothing I can't achieve. 

Alpha Xi Delta has given me a promise, that it will be there for me no matter what. My sisters and I want to make that promise to you. All you have to do is say yes.



Chavonne Kouser

Membership Vice President, Iota Phi Chapter